What does the path to recovery look like in the Caucasus and Central Asia? What will be the impact of policy responses, underlying fragilities, and the race between the virus and vaccines? How can policies continue supporting the recovery in 2021, while balancing the need for debt sustainability and financial resilience? The Financial Times' Nastassia Astrasheuskaya moderates a discussion with Subir Lall, Natela Turnava, Timur Ishmetov, and Peter Burian on these issues and more from the IMF’s April 2021 Regional Economic Outlook (REO) Update: Middle East and Central Asia. They explore the challenges facing the region and ways in which policymakers can build forward better and accelerate the transition to more inclusive, resilient, and green economies. Read the full report at http://ow.ly/gMzG50ElHwT #CentralAsia #Caucasus

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