Day 5 of #PAXOnline features presentations from cultural icons to developer heroes to content creator superstars and all stops between. This is the livestream of the PAX3 channel, aka The Goose Theatre. To hear about future digital & in person events, be sure to sign up for the PAX Newsletter: 00:00 BEGIN TRANSMISSION 03:43 Ooooh Noooo: How to Thrive as a Creative During the Calamity 50:32 Jackbox Play Along - Wednesday 3:47:13 Being Aro, Demi, and Aces in all the Creative Spaces! 5:07:51 Fight for the Future: How the FGC Can Improve 6:22:47 Rx: Games as Social Healing 8:43:58 You Don't Look Gay: Queer Women in Esports 9:58:57 Scare Your Players (Respectfully) #PAX #PAXOnline