First Person, Plural on CFUV-fm, Victoria, BC Originally aired April 3, 2003 The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women held its 47th Session early in March. The world was busy paying attention to the impending war and missed the irony that the commission was unable to draft agreed conclusions on violence against women before closing its session on March 14th, 2003. In 1993, Carl wrote a paper called Third World Women and European/American Medicine: Historical Trends, Future Prospects, and Development Options for a class he took called "Politics of Developing Areas." As we contemplated the commission's failure to come to some sort of agreement on a statement opposing violence against women, we remembered Carl's paper and thought about how little has changed in the ten years since he wrote the paper. This week Carl read some excerpts from his paper and we discuss how the oligopolistic tendencies of western medicine, especially American medicine and especially pharmaceutical companies, are incompatible with the desire to make women healthier and safer. copyright: Carl Wilkerson and Pattie Thomas

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