Welcome to another Composers’ Workshop organised by Sound and Music and co-hosted with walk · listen · create on 25/03/2021 as a Zoom Webinar. See below for timestamps and links to each section. This workshop was an introduction to soundwalking and geo-located / locative sound work, and we explore various tools and approaches which can be used by composers to create work in this field. === TIMESTAMPS / OUTLINE === 2:10 Andrew Stuck (Museum of Walking, Walk Listen Create) introduces us to the basics of soundwalking as a practice, with some examples of work and references to his own journey into the field. 24:32 Josh Kopeček (Director of Echoes.xyz) takes us through a brief history of soundwalking apps and software and some of the possibilities through Echoes.xyz for geolocative work, referencing a few real-world examples. 51:09 Carina Pesch (artist, www.textbote.de) talks about her approach to composition and the place of soundwalking in her artistic practice, with audio examples of a broad range of projects. 1:24:53 Panel Discussion / Q&A: the presenters are joined by Babak Fakhamzadeh and discuss questions raised by the audience === LINKS === https://www.soundandmusic.org https://walklistencreate.org https://www.museumofwalking.org.uk/ https://www.textbote.de/en/the-artist/

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