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(Exclusive News — October 27, 2018) Kolkata, West Bengal —

The Grand Indian Route Is Here To Satiate Your Thirst For Travel With Its Offbeat Travel Packages At Affordable Prices

Travel has always been a luxury and it has become so much easier with the launch of an out of the box destination management portal ‘The Grand Indian Route’. With travel packages so effortlessly affordable and tailored by the clients themselves to best suit their desires, it is only one stop away from booking your dream tour in the culturally and traditionally rich India.


A new travel and tourism company has recently been launched bringing out a plethora of amazing offbeat travel opportunities on the table for the travellers and tourists. The Grand Indian Route founded by Mr Karandeep Jaswal has been setting the benchmark in the travel industry by offering custom made and unabashedly unconventional travel packages for the destinations in incredible India since its colossal launch on June 15, 2018.

Mr Jaswal vouched for the fact that India is one true destination combining cultures and it’s opulent heritage. He stressed on the part that talked about how India is unapologetic in attracting a massive footfall and that how The Grand Indian Route does its best to accommodate the thirsty for traveling.

The regular opting for India tour packages is an old news, said Mr Jaswal. He made it pretty clear that his company caters to the personal needs of the travellers giving them the satisfaction of designing their own tailored itineraries that move ahead under the guidance of an incredibly strong ground support team.

Therefore, on June 15, 2018, Mr Jaswal launched an unparalleled service for the travellers not just in India but in all the parts of the world who dream of seeping into the depths of India. That’s how he took it Grand.

He established The Grand Indian Route which is touted as the supreme travel and tourism service that has made traveling in India for people all over the globe so much easier and exciting.

About The Grand Indian Route

The Grand Indian Route is a brand new company providing travel and tour packages for all the offbeat destinations in India to the clients across the globe. The clients can select the travel themes and are presented with the opportunity to design and customise the itineraries to their taste. It is owned and managed by Mr Karandeep Jaswal


The Grand Indian Route

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