the US government shutdown coincide?

If Congress fails to reach a deal on funding by September 30, Americans may face a government shutdown. The focus is on a short-term continuing resolution that would finance the government for 30 days.

Republicans in the House Independence Caucus and the Main Street Caucus announced the deal on September 17. The resolution will be voted on by the entire House on September 21.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking good for Joe Biden’s administration in the run-up to the full House vote. US Representative Tony Gonzales has stepped in, saying that a government shutdown is unavoidable.

A government shutdown is unavoidable. I represent 66% of the Texas-Mexico border – a sliver of a state. “A Continuing Resolution designed to win a messaging war does nothing to keep America safe,” Gonzales said on “X” (previously Twitter).

The closure might coincide with the start of federal student loan payments. Notably, because to the epidemic, loan payments were halted for more than three years. Federal student loan payments are scheduled to start on October 1, the date the government could shut down.

Borrowers’ problems will be exacerbated if the two incidents occur at the same time. Due to the huge frequency of enquiries about loan payments, student loan servicers are already facing the closure of their website and call center. There is concern that the Education Department will close at the same time as payments will restart.

In the event of a government shutdown, the Office of Budget and Management has contingency plans in place for each federal agency’s operations. However, there is concern that the contingency measures would be insufficient because to the unprecedented influx of borrowers reentering repayment at the same time.


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